duminică, 18 septembrie 2011


Some dream at night, some daydream.. I tried so many times to be down to earth but its not my place there,its not my nature. In real life i am surrounded by problems and painful issues and if i were to be aware of them all the time i would loose my mind with grief,because i take upon me not only my pains but those of dear ones too,and they consume me.. So i choose to dream and see the pinkish side of life. I create myself dreams and i cling to them with all my strength, idealise people and see only the good in them,make them my superheroes,take inspiration from them,learn and become a better person myself, cause when you have the best, you have to be the best too,for them.
Not all dreams come true and you fall on your ass when they don't but you have to pick yourself up alone and keep on going to find another dream to accomplish. Till now mine have been wrong ones but i know that eventually i will get it right and one of those dreams will turn out to be the meaning that i've been hoping to find. Not having a dream would mean the end of me.
I know that most times i'm lying to myself but to me a sugar coated lie is better than plain nothing. Only problem is waking up to a totally different reality than how you saw things and having to face the shock of sudden change.