joi, 21 iulie 2011

Love makes u dumb

I look around at other girls. Pretty ones,like me (modesty aside..) and I see they're doing soo much better than me. They knew how to make the best outta their bodies and beauty. Like,in other words,they knew who to give it to.
That's the truth: we live in a materialistic world where looks matter the most,and where u go,what u do,who u hang out with. People are shallow like that and put such a high price on appearance.
Getting back to my point.. other girls have chosen that path. And I did too at some point.. till I met someone i fell in love with soo bad. He came into my life like an emotional storm and it was like a rock hit me in the head and now,from that girl who could move mountains for herself i became this love sick puppy who doesnt care abt anything else in this world other than to be with the one she loves.
But what do you do when the love isnt returned as you would wish it? When there's clearly no chance in you having that person for yourself? Thats the most terrible thing in love: not having the one you want soo badly.
So in that case.. is it worth it shutting your life down for someone who doesnt want you in his life? or he does but with a certain measure..? i think (and any sane person would say) Not!
Like you give it your best and you try to make that relationship work and in the meantime you shut every other potential better match just so that you would be faithfull to the one you love with all your being.
That's really not smart thinking. A clever girl would keep all options open. A silly girl chooses to follow her heart till the end of the world because she sees no other way.
Im still trying to figure out if that's a good or a bad thing,but im leaning towards bad because in my opinion, when the feeling isnt mutual from both partners it just cant work and one of them will get very hurt. In this case the silly girl who gave her heart to the person who didnt and doesnt want it. So that's why im saying: love makes u do stupid things. Love makes you dumb sometimes.